In the Shadows of Freedom

All-new Dystopian Fiction

The United States is finally a meritocracy, where the best and most capable rise to the top. Existing laws and regulations continue to be repealed, and freedom is the mantra of the people.

Amanda Burrow, a talented painter, moves to New York City to attend an elite art academy. Once there, she falls for self-assured Ethan Ramsey, a staunch member of the National Citizens Party: the nation’s ruling faction. The NCP seeks to banish anything—or anyone—that might jeopardize an individual’s autonomy.

Amanda’s habitually dull and depressed world is turned upside down by her newfound relationship with Ethan. Yet as the NCP heightens its persecution of those who oppose its agenda, will Amanda find true freedom and discover her own identity in a new and increasingly merciless society?

Fans of Nineteen Eighty-Four and Fahrenheit 451 will love this first installment of The Shadows of Freedom Series.

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C & C Spellman have given us a convincing portrayal of a world enslaved to personal caprice, where every freedom is extended you, except the freedom to be human.

– Matthew W. Gaul, author of Tales of Glory: The Stories Icons Tell

In the Shadows of Freedom explores the danger of a false understanding of freedom for a country and for individuals. C & C Spellman's portrayal of a young woman's gradual discovery of truth makes this novel one you will want to keep reading.

– Louise Merrie, author of Fulton Sheen: Evangelist of the Modern Age

The characters are complex and real, the plot gripping and suspenseful. I loved this book.

– David

This novel beautifully explores the paradox of freedom. Readers cannot help but reflect on how free (or not) they actually are in their own lives. In the Shadows of Freedom challenges readers to ponder life's big existential questions.

– Elizabeth

In the Shadows of Freedom is a great read! It's captivating and suspenseful. I felt like I was there, watching as the scenes played out and the characters became real. I was hooked before I turned the first page. Highly recommended!

– Nicholas

This fast-moving novel is inspiring in ways that I can apply to my daily life.

– Ann

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