A Nation of Tyrants


Law and order in the United States continue to wither while the National Citizens Party’s control grows. Congress is disbanded, the NCP is seizing property, and major cities are only open to members of the party. Everyone else is labeled an enemy—including Amanda Burrow and Ethan Ramsey.

Life at a refugee camp in Canada is not what Amanda and Ethan expected. Ethan feels like a prisoner, while Amanda’s reunion with her father and sister proves problematic. Ethan’s plan to connect with his father in order to escape to Europe leads him and Amanda on a journey to Boston fraught with more danger than they bargained for.

As they traverse this troubled landscape, Amanda seeks to change Ethan for the better. Yet who will be the one changed? Will Amanda’s conflicting feelings for Ethan prove to be tyrants over her in a nation filled with them?


I enjoyed Book One in this series, but I loved Book Two. This story is very well written, and leaves you desperate for the next installment.

– Steven R. McEvoy, freelance author and book reviewer (BookReviewsAndMore.ca)

The saga continues with even more thrilling action, engaging characters, and deep insights. You won’t want to stop reading A Nation Of Tyrants until you reach the ending climax on the final page.

– David

A Nation of Tyrants is a psychological thriller with a spiritual twist. You can find pieces of the characters in people you know, even the tyrants. The book will arm you well to deal with your world.

– Ann

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