In the Shadows of Freedom


Amanda Burrow is a young artist living in near-future New York City, trying to leave behind a traumatic past and find her place, which she hopes is with her romantic interest, Ethan Ramsey. But Ethan is a devoted member of the National Citizens Party, the ruling political force seeking to abolish as many laws and regulations as possible in the name of freedom. Where does making oneself the final arbiter of freedom lead?

In this fast-paced, first installment of the Shadows of Freedom trilogy, it’s a fight for freedom—both interior and exterior—in a nation professing liberty, but maybe not for all …


This book was an excellent read from start to finish. It had my attention throughout the entire plot and I didn’t want to put it down.

– Carlee (Review from Amazon)

A lot of this book is so true to real life it is scary, but it also brings out truly wonderful ways of looking at faith, forgiveness and freedom!

Meaghan (Review from Amazon)

This impactful book invites you to take part in a transformative spiritual journey!! Incredible!!

– Elizabeth (Review from Amazon)

Character development was very good and there were great plot twists especially as the novel neared its conclusion.

My husband and I both enjoyed reading this book from beginning to end. The characters were fascinating. There were twists and turns along the way and we truly did not anticipate the ending.

– Frances (Review from Amazon)

A pleasure to read. I most appreciated the wisdom embedded within a gripping storyline that contained intricately woven subplots that all came together so seamlessly.

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