As Strong As Death


Amanda Burrow is finally ready to fight the National Citizens Party, the political group that has persecuted her family, her religion, and her freedom.

Amanda and the opposition group, composed of her family and friends, find an unlikely ally in their fight against the NCP. But the stakes are higher than ever and—in the face of mass destruction—is such a war still justified?

Meanwhile Ethan Ramsey, choosing Amanda over his own personal safety, wages his own battle. Can he overcome his old, selfish tendencies to prove his love for Amanda is true?

This final saga in The Shadows of Freedom series features the return of familiar faces and places, as well as the answers to all your questions. Amanda’s faith led to her hope. Now can she find freedom in the love she has always sought?


This is a great story about faith, family, and forgiveness. It is a deeply moving read. The characters are masterfully written.

– Steven R. McEvoy, freelance author and book reviewer (

The highly anticipated third book in the fantastic C&C Spellman trilogy is here! And it does NOT disappoint!

– Lisa (Amazon reviewer)

This book is anything but predictable, and it offers a unique blend of dystopian darkness and Christian hope that is thought-provoking and could fuel great in-depth discussions.

– Sophie (Amazon reviewer)

As Strong As Death is the perfect ending to the Shadows of Freedom trilogy. This new book is gripping, exciting, illuminating, and answers all the questions we had wondered about in reading the first two books.

– John (Amazon reviewer)

Faith. Perseverance. Hope. Redemption. They are all here, along with enough suspense to keep you reading past your bedtime.

– Ellen (Amazon reviewer)

As Strong As Death, a wonderful and page-turning dystopian novel, displays bravery, perseverance, and strong love that ends the series with a satisfying close.

– Sophia (Amazon Reader)

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