Many have expressed interest in the sequel to In the Shadows of Freedom and we’re excited to be able to share a bit about it! First of all, you may be wondering what the title will be. Coming Spring 2022 is…

A Nation of Tyrants

We want to keep most of the plot a secret, so it’s a surprise for our readers. However, we’d like to give you a few behind-the-scenes reveals to whet your appetite! What follows are some of our favorite aspects of A Nation of Tyrants.


  • There is a new character we introduce named Tim Miller. He is very near and dear to my heart, as he is completely inspired by my brother, who passed away in 2019.
  • I feel that Amanda’s inner conflict in this second book is much more nuanced. What’s the right thing to do in this or that circumstance? She tries to justify her actions and decisions, but is she right in doing so? 
  • A good portion of the book focuses on a group of four characters, whom I refer to in my mind as the “fab four.” They have very distinct, contrasting personalities and motivations, so I find the interplay between them quite entertaining! I hope you do as well!
  • The ending is a game-changer.


  • The reader is introduced to Barrett who—though not based on any specific person we know—was easy and fun to write. His personality came to life in a way that almost seemed to write itself. He proves very important in the story.
  • Much of A Nation of Tyrants takes place in a spot very familiar to us as we’ve taken several family vacations there over the years.
  • One of the houses featured in the novel is based on a neighboring house to one I used to live in.
  • A Nation of Tyrants brings out the inner workings of the National Citizens Party (NCP) and features scenes directly showing its leadership and decisions being made. The dystopia of In the Shadows of Freedom grows more severe.

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Thank you again for your interest and we’re looking forward to sharing this next part of the story with you in just a few months!

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